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Wedding Music & Entertainment Packages

Wedding music packages are just a way to simplify entertainment choices we offer for your wedding day. By presenting a variety of combinations, we hope to show you possibilities without overwhelming you with decisions.

It can make your head spin to realize that we can provide any style of music for any part of your wedding. By dividing your wedding into its various parts and considering them separately, it is easier to mix and match to create a custom package best for your taste in music.

Most weddings require music for three different parts of the wedding: the Wedding Ceremony, the Cocktail Hour and the Wedding Reception. Each part of the wedding has a distinct kind of music and atmosphere.

We ask you questions to get a clear idea of your unique taste and what will work best to ensure an exciting and memorable wedding day. Choosing the highest quality wedding entertainment and guiding you towards the right style of musicians, DJ's and bands are our goals.

Classic Wedding Package

Set the tone for your wedding ceremony with the elegance of our Classical String Trio, and then celebrate afterwards with your friends and family to the energy and variety of one of our expert DJ/MCs. In addition to providing six hours of entertainment, all of our band and DJ packages include light emceeing, as well as a consultation with Rebecca Rossi that will result in your complete wedding and reception timeline. It also includes our 2 million dollar insurance policy.

Elegant Wedding Package

If you would love to have live music for your entire wedding but don't want to break the bank, this may be the package for you. Choose to have either either our classical guitar duo or our Classic String Trio for your ceremony and cocktails, and then dance till you drop to one of our most popular dance bands, The LA Players for the Reception. In addition to six hours of live music, this package includes emceeing, tax and our 2 million dollar insurance policy as well as a consultation with Rebecca Rossi that will result in your wedding timeline.

Cross-Cultural Package

Honor both the bride's and groom's families and cultures with authentic world music ensembles and international DJ's. Whether you choose to reflect a single culture or blend several types of music into a single event, we offer an incredible variety of authentic ethnic ensembles, cross-cultural bands and bilingual DJ/MC's. You can mix and match with more traditional American top 40 too.

Signature Wedding Package

Design your Custom Wedding Package from our more unique ensembles, such as our Rock & Roll string quartet, our Pink Martini Band, or our eclectic, electric violin/DJ combo. Mix the traditional with the unexpected and create an unforgettable wedding.

Black Tie Swing Package

Swing and ballroom dancing is always popular, always elegant and always fun. Our swing band plays a variety of jazz, blues and swing. They can even kick it up to include some contemporary music. In this package we offer you the choice of pairing our Black Tie swing band with either our traditional classical string trio or our rock'n roll string trio. As with our other wedding packages this wedding package includes six hours of live entertainment, light emceeing, and a consultation with Rebecca Rossi that will result in your complete wedding and reception timeline. It also includes our 2 million dollar insurance policy.

Music Sets The Tone Of Your Wedding

As the providers of music we are always aware of how important the music entertainment is to setting the tone of your event, whether your style is rock, classical, ethnic, jazz, swing, big band, etc. Sometimes that music is to create a lovely background for socializing such as our Los Angeles Jazz trio or Flamenco guitar duo. At other times it is there to energize and inspire such as our "LA Players" Top 40 Cover Band or our Party DJs.

Your Wedding Reception Band

We generally suggest that, if you don't have any idea where to start with your live wedding music, begin with the wedding reception. Your first major choice will be either a live wedding reception band or versatile party DJ/emcee. The top 40 dance cover band, swing jazz band or Latin Salsa Band you hire will be the largest part of your wedding music budget, and they are responsible for the entertainment of your family and friends, your boss and your colleagues, for at least 4 hours. The band must not only reflect your tastes, they have to be the right kind of band, a event band that specializes in weddings and knows how to work with the other vendors in order to make sure everything is coordinated and flows smoothly so that you get the outcome you want for your wedding reception.

The band is also critical to the structure of your reception. They are not only orchestrating your wedding reception with music they are introducing the first dance, the bouquet toss and the toasts. Every Party Band and Wedding DJ we work with includes a great emcee who understands the importance of your timeline, and the importance of how well they make sure it is executed.

Do you want elegant music as a backdrop for socializing? A Jazz background music Band? Or a Pink Martini Cover Band or Euro-Style Band? Do you want a cover band that rocks the house and gets everyone on the dance floor? Do you want a high-end big band with lots of horns? Do you want to surprise your new in-laws with a Latin Salsa Wedding Band that can also do American Dance Music? Will your wedding be a dance-till-you-drop affaire? There are so many choices and it is important for us to understand your vision, so we can suggest bands and/or combine them with Party DJs that will truly full-fill your dreams on this important occasion.

Your Los Angeles Wedding DJ

There are so many reasons to choose a great Wedding DJ emcee - they give you the ultimate in variety of music choices. We often combine our Party DJ's with live musicians, so that you can have the best of both worlds. But when you are working with a restricted budget, we always suggest that our clients use a great Wedding DJ/Emcee, as opposed to trying to find a cheap band. Your wedding is far too important to risk on a questionable group of musicians who may or may not have the ability to perform at a function with as many unique demands as your wedding will have.

Your wedding is also too important to risk on any but the most experienced of Professional Entertainment DJ/MC Services. So if we feel your budget is unrealistically low we will tell you right away. We know that the sting of a bad performer will last much longer than the sweetness of a deal. Professional, experienced and qualified Wedding DJ/ Emcees are key to the success of your wedding. You may think that their only job is to get people on the dance floor, but in fact they have many jobs on your wedding day.

Because they announce everything, and provide the soundtrack to everything, they are the glue that holds your entire wedding reception together. They must be masterful on the microphone. They create and build the excitement of your grand entrance both, they interact with the crowd on the bouquet toss. They inspire everyone to get on the dance floor and celebrate. They move your entire wedding timeline along. They have to be experienced enough to know how to interact with your other vendors, and ensure that every special moment in your wedding timeline happens when your videographer and photographer are there to record it for you; for your memories.

Your Wedding Music Budget

We also consider your budget. In a world where we are all constantly being upsold, we actually try to work within your budget. If we feel it is unrealistic for what you want, we will tell you right away, and, if possible, suggest some alternatives. For example, if you want a 10-piece Top-40 wedding cover band but only have the budget for it if it is a mediocre band we will tell you that you should either consider a smaller version of the band, or hire a Party DJ. You are better off scaling back on the size of a band than compromising on the quality of your performers.

Your Ceremony Musicans

Do you want your wedding ceremony to be classic and traditional? or do you prefer something more contemporary and cutting edge? Are you having a multi-cultural wedding? Are you going to write your own vows? Do you plan to include some unusual marriage ceremony traditions? Do you ant to get married to the strains of Mozart or to the words of Cat Stevens?

It's your wedding and your choice. Let us help you find the right music, and create the right kind of atmosphere, where your wedding ceremony musicians are there to set the mood, where your wedding vows are the centerpiece. When you are trying to choose music to walk down the aisle to, think of the songs that hold the most meaning for you, the people that have had the most impact in your life - these are the things that can help you when deciding upon the style and feeling of your wedding ceremony. Other things to think about when considering ceremony musicians to hire, are the kind of wedding band you chose for the wedding reception party, and even the kind of cocktail music you plan to contrast it with. You have this golden opportunity to create a soundtrack to get married to - where each segment of your wedding will be scored by live musicians or a DJ. Have some fun planning it!