Introducing “The Los Angeles String Quartet”


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A New Contemporary Approach to the “Classic” String Quartet

Early this year, Rossi Music saw the demand rising for more than just the standard classical string quartet for the Los Angeles weddings and corporate events that we book. Young brides and grooms have been requesting their favorite pop songs for their wedding ceremony in record numbers.   So we started to put the word out, looking for talented young female string players interested in playing rock and pop standards in a string quartet format. Meanwhile, we collected arrangements of rock tunes for string trio and quartet to add to our repertoire. In a few weeks, we had a list of the hottest players in town – freelance musicians who actively play in movie scores and on screen in shows such as American Idol, America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and numerous talk shows and primetime television. In April, the Los Angeles Rock String Quartet was formed, rehearsed, video taped, and already performing and trying out the new groups arrangements at wedding ceremonies in the area.

We found arrangements from several prominent Los Angeles composer-arrangers of excellent rocking string trio and quartet arrangements from the 60’s to current pop hits. Songs like “My Sharona”, “I’m Yours” (Jason Mraz), Michael Jackson tunes, Led Zeppelin, Lady Gaga (Poker Face, Papparazzi, Bad Romance), You Belong to Me (Taylor Swift), Beatles, Elton John, Rolling Stones medley, Sting, and many others too numerous to mention. We have already produced several video clips of many of the songs in the Los Angeles String Quartet‘s repertoire that you can view at at

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Get the Best Los Angeles Dance Bands at Rossi Music

Wedding band Los AngelesAre you looking for an effective way on how your party or event can be more grand and memorable? If yes, then hiring the best bands in town is definitely one of the perfect tools to be sure that you can bring something cool and different during an event. As the host of the party, of course you want it to be more unforgettable.

A wedding is one of the most important events of any couples’ lives; this is the day wherein lovers finally say their vows in front of their family and friends. On the other hand, a wedding is not just all about romance and intimacy; if you are looking for something that will make the event unique and be remembered and treasured by your guests, hiring the best wedding dance band for hire in Los Angeles is all you need.

These dance bands will surely make sure that your wedding day will not be just an ordinary wedding ceremony.  It is an ideal thing to do if you want to offer something new at your wedding, This is your opportunity to make sure that your guests will not just sit on their chair the whole afternoon or evening. You can also make them dance as you hire the best dance band that will surely make everyone dance their butt off.

At Rossi Music, the company focuses in providing the best entertainment for any event like birthday, corporate events, anniversaries, wedding and others. The company is known to offer services like dance bands, jazz bands, string groups and djs that are very useful to make sure that the event will be more entertaining.

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Who are the Electric Angels Los Angeles String Quartet?

Electric Angels Los Angeles String Quartet

The Electric Angels are presented by Rossi Music and are an LA-based hybrid group mixing classical music with rock music. This all female group uses electric versions of traditional violins and a cello to make incredibly engaging and dynamic music that draws any listener in and provides amazing live entertainment.
Electric Angels is all about taking something older and wonderful and turning it into something new and equally wonderful. These attractive ladies really know how to play and do a great job of skillfully blending their superb classical technique with new, modern technology like foot pedals, mixing boards, and even DJs in some venues!

An extensive and varied song list is offered by LA’s Electric Angels to help them be more versatile and to fit into all types of events for which they are hired. This list is made up mostly of cover songs from throughout different decades and genres of music. This list includes music from The Beatles, Coldplay, U2, Bruno Mars, Stevie Wonder, Etta James, Guns N’ Roses, Jason Mraz, Michael Jackson, and many more beloved artists and groups from modern times and times past!
This sexy string quartet is not new to the stage. In fact, they have played at a large number of high profile events and many famous venues. They have made appearances on national television on the musical shows American Idol and Glee. Live television shows have also hosted the group, where they have played with the likes of Kanye West, P. Diddy, and Nicky Minaj to bring a very unique and compelling sound to the stage.
Besides their television appearances, the Electric Angels have been in the studio to record with various other artists and have toured nationally and internationally with a number of well known artists including Steven Tyler, Tony Bennett, and Snoop Dogg. They have also played before with the famous Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
Manoela Wunder, a violinist, has played before for a number of international bands of all sorts. She brings her excellence in playing and love of string ensembles to the group to help make the incredible sound we can all enjoy.
Irina Chirkova, a cellist, has played on many international stages as well as performing for the likes of Meryl Streep, Bill Clinton, and Mitt Romney. She has been a part of the Boston and Bulgarian music scenes for a number of years and more recently brought her amazing talents to LA to join the Electric Angels.
Lacy Rostyak, a violinist, brings a wonderfully diverse sound to the mix. She grew up playing in Mississippi and New York and brought that knowledge and musical style with her as she has learned and grown further as a violinist. She has started her our string ensembles around LA and has toured all over the west coast with a variety of groups and bands. 

Best Los Angeles Corporate Event Entertainment for Hire

los angeles best corporate event entertainment for hireAre you planning a corporate event or maybe your wedding? If you are looking for a live band, you’ve come to the right place! Hire the best live bands in Los Angeles and experience true entertainment. Rossi Music is home to respected Los Angeles musicians, dance cover bands, string quartets, jazz bands and entertainment for corporate events, weddings and parties.

Most people will remember how nice the food is and how much fun they had, but it is the band that truly makes an event unforgettable. You don’t want your guests to feel bored and leave right away, not when you have spent a lot of money on the event. The last thing you want is to hire a band that will chase your guests away. You want everyone to have fun and remember the event. Hire one of our bands now and you’ll be glad you did!

String Groups

Whether you’re looking for a string quartet or a classic string trio, we have the best string ensembles that will make your event memorable and full of fun. Maybe you are just looking for one fine violinist who can wow the crowd with her skills. Our string groups are made up of the best players from popular shows like Glee, American and the Voice.

Rossi Music is also home to Electric Angels, a hip group composed of skilled violinists who play current pop, traditional classical and classic rock. The group was created to meet the need for a fusion of rock and classical. Using all-electric instruments with live tracks and pedal boards, our Electric Angels will take you to another world with their exceptional skills and unique charm. This group can play different styles and has been featured on national TV shows such as Glee and American Idol.

Jazz Bands 

Rossi Music also houses jazz bands that specialize in providing entertainment for parties, weddings and corporate events. Whether you are looking for guitar trios, solo piano or vocal ensembles, our jazz bands are sure to provide the kind of fun you are looking for. We also have Smooth Jazz, Rat Pack Bands and Swing & Big Bands. The style of jazz doesn’t matter. Our skilled singers and players cover all the styles of jazz with their beautiful voices and expert skills with the instruments.

Dance Bands and Party Cover Bands 

Maybe you’re looking for something different that will not only entertain your guests, but also liven up your event. Our dance and party cover bands consist of the best studio musicians who can do everything you can think of. From the classic hits to today’s modern beats, our professional entertainers can set the right mood at the right time to make your event extraordinary and entertaining. All of them are also skilled emcees who can expertly handle the event for you.

We also have DJs who can keep the fun going. If you need help in choosing the best band for your event, just call us and we’ll be happy to guide you. Book early!

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Los Angeles Electric Rock String Duo for hire for events

la orange county string quartet duo for hireThe Los Angeles Electric Rock String Duo, made up of a beautiful female violinist and cellist, performed at a benefit event for a Jewish organization at the fifth largest mansion in LA on Saturday. The girls were up on pedestals and faced the stunning home. The setting was exquisite, and the party had at least a hundred guests, which were treated to some of the best views of the city, as well as a concert by members of the LA Opera, stilt walkers and singers, and more.

The Los Angeles String Duo is a scaled down version of our most popular group, the Electric Angels. Depending on budget or other reasons such as facilities, you may prefer two girls instead of three or four. The repertoire is exactly the same and you will get the same fullness as you would with a quartet due to our tracks mixed in house. It’s a win-win situation for all!

Hire the Los Angeles Electric Rock String Duo now and you will know why our clients are raving about this new group! It’s the best bang for your buck with a sexy violinist and cello player, or two fiddlers! For booking, call us now at (818) 209-2620 or visit 

Best Los Angeles Jazz Trio For Hire For Your Next Event

Los Angeles Jazz BandsYou Love Jazz & We Love Playing Jazz

Los Angeles truly has some of the very best musicians in the world. Why not hire one of these world-class musicians to play at your next event? It will add an element of class and panache which will be remembered by you and your guests for years to come.

The Jazz Trio gives an air of sophistication to your occasion and will set the perfect mood for your guests. There are nearly 55 Jazz trios in the Los Angeles area but there is only one which is led by a Grammy-Winner: Rossi Music’s Los Angeles Jazz Trio.

Whether you have a wedding party, or a casual party, or a big corporate event at a luxury hotel, Rossi’s Jazz Trio with their cosmopolitan style will be the best choice for a fantastic and memorable show. They are committed to turn your event into a special night for all your guests. The energetic and talented trio can play nice background music or can step up the energy and make sure that the dance floor will be filled from beginning to end. The LA Jazz Trio performs every kind of style imaginable, from classic Sinatra-Buble standards to latin jazz, R&B smooth jazz to pop contemporary, memorable movie themes and for wedding ceremonies, all the popular classical hits.

So if your event is in Los Angeles or Orange County or Santa Barbara, you don’t need to look any further than The Los Angeles Jazz Trio for the best band for your next event. Get in touch with The Los Angeles Jazz Trio at:  or Call 818-209-2620 and talk to Rick directly for pricing and availability.

Rossi Music best top 40 party cover band hits the dance floor!!

Wedding band Los AngelesSensational vocal performances with choreographed dances

Band’s Huge Repertoire includes 600 songs & medleys 

Rossi Music’s best dance band for hire “Solid Blue” consists of top singers coupled with a row of dancers presenting their beauty, charm and brilliance in a way that just hooks you to your seats or if you are brave enough to let yourself go it will get you up the stage to dance with them.

Their exciting choreography combined with their beauty and a solid adaptable band has brought them attention world-wide. The band has performed sold-out shows all over the world. Grammy winning sax player Rick Rossi leads the horn section in this 8-12 piece band that has been described as “The Best Cover Dance Party Band in America”. Their song list includes more than 600 songs and medleys of songs, covering every contemporary variety you can think of.

Their fresh acts are available with any number of musicians, singers and dancers; from 2-piece right up to larger line-ups consisting of more than 17 members! To get the party started we offer a variety of musical styles including modern pop, soul, funk and Motown –appealing to guests of all ages.

These talented musicians with the first row of beautiful dancers will provide the perfect atmosphere for your events; private parties, dinners, weddings, festivals, corporate events, award ceremonies, gala dinners & more.

Rossi Music’s best dance band for hire with their high-octane performances will keep your dance floor busy all night.

Jazz Trio for hire in Los Angeles

los angeles jazz bandsThe musicians of this trio are award-winning performers, and at the head of them is GRAMMY-WINNER Rick Rossi.

Let’s get to know Rossi from the people who have worked with him:

  • “Working with Rossi you get the advantage of his personal and professional connections among the Who’s Who of Los Angeles studio professionals. You get the benefit of his extensive knowledge of music. And you get the advantage of his over 25 years in the business as a sought-after studio musician, bandleader, and events professional…”
  • I first heard Rossi Music’s band at a friend’s wedding, and I made sure to ask for the name of the band and agency because they kept the dance floor going all night! I wanted a band that could play a wide variety of music for a crowd of a lot of different ages. Rossi’s band had an amazing song list, and they even played jazz and ballads for dinner! They have so many outstanding singers in the band they were able to do everything from classic rock to current top 40 pop. In addition, they had an excellent emcee who carefully made sure he pronounced all of our names correctly and gracefully accommodated all special requests, even at the last minute. My husband wanted to surprise me and sing a verse of John Legend’s “All of me”, and the band did a great arrangement! The keyboard player just accompanied at first and then he took over to sing the rest of the song; it was beautiful and moved me and a lot of the crowd to tears!

So having such a talent at the head of this jazz Trio you are sure of getting the best.

To hire Rossi’s Jazz Band Trio in Los Angeles for corporate events, special events, weddings, wedding ceremonies, private parties, festivals & more contact:  or Call 818-209-2620

Best Electric Rock string quartet in Los Angeles and Orange County

Los Angeles String Quartet Electric Angels

Irina with the Electric Angels Los Angeles String Quartet at a private event in April

They are really electric eye catching girls, usually dressed in white or red playing as a trio or quartet. Their Top 40 song lists ranges from classical tunes to pop, jazz and rock charming their audience. Their official name is the “Electric Angels”. If you want an electrifying Wedding ceremony or a high profile wedding cocktail hour, bar mitzvah, a convention, an award show or even a pop up at your annual event, hire them and you won’t regret it.  Before you cherry pick the marvel piece of your event just take a few minutes and click on: and see a clip of their show.

You can ask for Rock, R&B, Pop, Jazz and Dance music and the trio will play it for you in a thrilling fashion with their violin, viola, cello and DJ tracks. You won’t find anyone matching their style in Los Angeles or the Orange County. They have professionally developed their own style with the influenced by Dance Rock, Detroit Motown and of course jazz. It sounds tempting!

They belong to Rossi Music agency operating in Los Angeles and Orange County owned and operated by a Grammy winning musician Rick Rossi. Rossi Music has been in forefront of the live music industry, providing “Grammy quality” entertainment for weddings, parties and corporate events for over 15 years. Rossi Music won the 2012 Bride’s Choice Awards™ for Best Bands & DJ’s based on its stellar reviews from brides for outstanding excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism within the entertainment industry.
So to have an event which its memory will linger in mind for years to come and its tunes will resonate in your ears when you look at the pictures of that occasion, hire the LA Electric Angels.

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The Best Dance Party Bands in Orange County

best party dance band los angelesWe have a very wide selection of bands for your event, be it a corporate outing, party, or wedding.   Not only do we have the consistency and amazing performance quality of our competitors in the area, each of our bands goes above and beyond that—each is unique in their own way.  This extra spice added to your party or event’s music can push the night from great to unforgettable, and we want to help you make that night’s memories last forever!

Our Hollywood Spinners are a unique hybrid band, and popular at all kinds of events, from formal weddings to any scale of social event.  The Hollywood Spinners combine traditional performances with advanced DJ techniques and our exclusive backing tracks to beef up the band of six to fill the room with the rich, full sound of the band’s song list that numbers in the hundreds.  Not only does this make the sound of a band twice its size fit in a smaller space, it’s also much more affordable, allowing you to make even smaller gatherings spectacular with one of the best dance party bands in Orange County.

Both our Top Covers Band and our Solid Blue Band feature horns sections led by our very own Grammy-winning saxophonist Rick Rossi.  With amazing versatility and enormous song catalogues, these bands are ideal for a wide variety in audiences.  The Top Covers Band is an excellent choice if you’re looking for both contemporary dance music as well as the earlier hits, and can wow your guests with exciting choreography, dazzling costumes, and stage lighting.  Our Solid Blue Band is also very multitalented, bringing over 600 songs to your party—an unrivaled amount of variety and multi-genre skill.

Another of our most popular bands is The LA Players, who (like our other bands) are astoundingly varying in the songs they can bring to your event.  They specialize in the best of the last 50 years, weaving all kinds of genres into the mix as one of the best dance party bands in Orange County astonishes your crowd with a live performance to remember across all kinds of music.  An average set from the LA Players can include everything from Stevie Wonder to The Black Eyed Peas to The Beatles, with all sorts of danceable hits in between.

Lastly but most certainly not least, our Shakedown Party Band and REM Wedding Band can help turn your wedding or party into a night you’ll never want to forget.  The Shakedown Party Band has performed at Golden Globe afterparties, celebrity weddings, and other artists’ end of tour parties, and boast professional choreography and exciting musical arrangements to complement the full sound of 11 musicians.  Similarly, our REM Wedding Band can bring your wedding or other event over 350 hits from now and far into the past through the beautiful sound of four horns and eight singers.  On the small chance that they don’t know your favorite hit for the party, they’re happy to learn it with advance notice.

Now, the choice should be clear—our huge selections of bands and songs are perfect for whatever event you’re planning.  If you need live music, there’s no doubt you can find it in the best dance party bands in Orange County here at Rossi Music!

The best 1920’s Great Gatsby vintage jazz bands in Los Angeles for hire

best 1920's jazz band los angeles for hireIf you are a fan of the marvelous music behind the blockbuster ‘The Great Gatsby’, considering a Los Angeles 1920’s vintage band can be the best solution to your exquisite taste in music. With jazz music being one of the widest ranges of music ever invented, the names of the musicians including Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie and many more are still in our hearts.

Your taste for vintage jazz music can now be brought to life! If you are planning to host a birthday, event or a party – be aware that in Los Angeles, you can get the best 1920’s Great Gatsby vintage jazz bands for hire – and make the most out of your party!

Music that fits your needs and taste always fills your heart up and creates an experience unlike ever before. So if you are looking for the best jazz bands in Los Angeles playing 1920’s music inspired by Great Gatsby, you should definitely consider The Los Angeles Jazz Ensemble. Being a chic yet amazing ensemble specializing in the sweet sound of European lounge directly at your party.

The time when music venues played jazz music in Los Angeles is gone. However, there is a large variety of music styles still being played by top performers – Los Angeles based jazz bands playing 1920’s jazz inspired by Great Gatsby – blending in everything from mambo to jazz, swing to cha cha. Being a great atmosphere jazz music for LA based dinner parties, such music always creates emotion and an amazing atmosphere for ballroom romantic dancing.

So, if you are hosting a LA based private jazz music event and you are looking for the best bands in Los Angeles to hire, The Los Angeles Jazz Band should always be your choice. Whether you fancy smooth jazz, salsa or the old swing standards, our sounds and melodies will inspire you and take you back to the 1920’s. Making you feel like the 1920’s star Great Gatsby, the LA Jazz Band should be your best choice on a Los Angeles band to hire – and get the most of jazz at an affordable price.

Being versatile to the maximum, our band specializes in 20’s vintage jazz bands for LA wedding or party event atmospheres – delivering the amazing traditional atmosphere to the last bit. For any question or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us here: 818-209-2620 or