Introducing “The Los Angeles String Quartet”


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A New Contemporary Approach to the “Classic” String Quartet

Early this year, Rossi Music saw the demand rising for more than just the standard classical string quartet for the Los Angeles weddings and corporate events that we book. Young brides and grooms have been requesting their favorite pop songs for their wedding ceremony in record numbers.   So we started to put the word out, looking for talented young female string players interested in playing rock and pop standards in a string quartet format. Meanwhile, we collected arrangements of rock tunes for string trio and quartet to add to our repertoire. In a few weeks, we had a list of the hottest players in town – freelance musicians who actively play in movie scores and on screen in shows such as American Idol, America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and numerous talk shows and primetime television. In April, the Los Angeles Rock String Quartet was formed, rehearsed, video taped, and already performing and trying out the new groups arrangements at wedding ceremonies in the area.

We found arrangements from several prominent Los Angeles composer-arrangers of excellent rocking string trio and quartet arrangements from the 60′s to current pop hits. Songs like “My Sharona”, “I’m Yours” (Jason Mraz), Michael Jackson tunes, Led Zeppelin, Lady Gaga (Poker Face, Papparazzi, Bad Romance), You Belong to Me (Taylor Swift), Beatles, Elton John, Rolling Stones medley, Sting, and many others too numerous to mention. We have already produced several video clips of many of the songs in the Los Angeles String Quartet‘s repertoire that you can view at at

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Updates on the Electric Angels, our Los Angeles Rock String Quartet

Los Angeles string quartet electric angelsThe Electric Angels, one of two cutting edge Rossi Music groups created in 2013, has enjoyed a successful first year and ready to start 2014 with a bang! Our Los Angeles String Quartet has compiled a playlist of over 2 full sets of music that spans from The Beatles and Etta James to Lady Gaga and Maroon 5. We’ve also added songs due to client requests, such as our James Bond theme, added to accommodate a client whose wedding had a Bond theme.

While we are always revising our arrangements and improving the current songs we have, one of our goals for the new year is to add more contemporary hits and medleys. Certain timeless artists like the Beatles and Michael Jackson have too many single hits which are better placed in a medley. This also makes for a more fun experience for the audience.

The girls are experts at interacting with the crowd, but this year we want to add things to enhance that experience. Whether it be choreography, outfit changes, lights, you name it. The sky is the limit. We want to make it more of a show for the audience, so that not only they can be left wanting more but also so we can expand our possibilities for selling the group and extend it to even more events and clients. The Electric Angels Los Angeles String Quartet are an extremely versatile group, and we want to make this as clear as possible for our clients to see.

Finally, one of the biggest advantages of this group and any group with tracks is the ability to add and remove members with minimal changes to the sound. In this case, the girls started as a quartet and all their parts are recorded separately, so that if a client wants anywhere from one to four girls, we can adjust so that it virtually sounds the same as if the entire quartet was there. We have also played at events where six girls are requested, and that is another option that is usually requested for visual reasons but is just another example of the versatility of the Electric Angels.

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Los Angeles best event band for hire at the Regent Beverly Wilshire January 4

Hollywood Spinners

Hollywood Spinners

This past Saturday, January 4, Rossi Music was the entertainment of choice for a debutantes ball party at the Regent Beverly Wilshire. The yearly event is called “Las Madrecitas Evergreen Ball”, and Rossi Music has been chosen as the entertainment for the past 12 years!

Last year marked the birth of one of our most exciting new Los Angeles event bands for hire, the Hollywood Spinners. We debuted this band at the Las Madrecitas ball and it was a roaring success. The Spinners are a DJ/Hybrid group that features one male vocalist and female vocalist up front as well as as two musicians in the band, one on piano and one on drums who also sing. Add to that a guitarist who runs the tracks to fatten up the sound and you have a winning combination of a budget friendly option with the sound and quality of a 10 plus piece party band.

We at Rossi Music are aware that pop is gravitating towards dance and club beats, so adding a DJ was the natural choice for a cutting edge group addition. The current Los Angeles event bands for hire on the market made up solely of live musicians have a business model that is becoming outdated in the current industry. The best way to preserve that fullness of sound while adapting to the current demands of clients’ budgets is by having pre-recorded tracks to fill in those gaps. In addition, because of the rising popularity of DJ’s, clients and audiences are becoming increasingly more used to and expect songs to sound exactly like the record and this band/DJ arrangement makes that happen in a big way but still keeping the excitement of live musician/entertainers to entertain the audience with their dance moves and audience participation to make for the ultimate in dance party entertainment.

On January 4, the evening began with the parents of the graduating class of debutantes stepping into the ballroom and then each girl walking in to her song of choice. The music was performed by a classical/jazz/pop/violin quartet, composed of piano, electric bass, electric violin, and saxophone doubled with flute. After all the girls were seated, it was time for the father and daughter waltz. Next was dinner, and our DJ provided the background music and soon after the dance party started with the Hollywood Spinners. The event lasted from 6 PM to 11:30 PM.

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Happy holidays from Rossi Music! In order to get ready for the new year and start off with a bang, we are revamping our website and would like to share some exciting news with you about what’s going on. When you visit, our main mission is for your to find it as easy as possible to find the best bands and groups for you to hire for your Los Angeles private party, wedding, or corporate event. Please open up a new tab and let us walk you through our site so that all your questions are answered and you can narrow down your options when searching for the ideal ensemble for your gathering.

Starting off at the landing page, you can see the tabs at the top with arrows pointing downward where there are multiple pages for that specific tab. Under the “Home” tab, you will find all the background information about our agency, such as the extensive list of movies and TV shows Rossi Music has lent musicians for casting, client comments and our large list of entertainment companies and celebrity clients, what sets us apart from other agencies and information about custom songwriting, one of the many extra services we offer.

Next, under “Corporate events”, we have a page filled with information about the multitude of options we offer for corporate event parties, from classic and standard to completely avant garde and out of the box. Under the “Weddings” tab, the “Wedding Services” page offers an introduction on the way we work with brides and the choices we provide as well as easy links to all of your music options, packages, and a ceremony demo you can listen to. Wedding packages are one of our specialties and most requested options, since it is a budget friendly choice that still preserves excellent quality. We have had so many happy couples throughout the years, it’s a win-win situation for all.

Our “Dance Bands” tab encompasses also jazz, french and international, out of the box, and holiday ensembles. There are demo videos and a short bio for each band and what sets them apart. Same thing with our LA jazz bands, and hopefully you will be able to see and hear a clear difference between ensembles of different sizes and instrumentation. We have everything from Solo jazz gjitar and piano to Jazz trios, quartets and larger jazz bands with vocalists and strings. Call us we are always more than happy to answer your questions. One of our most fun pages is our “out of the box” ideas, with creative ideas that will guarantee a memorable party for your guests. Our “French/International” page has samples of three different bands with unique flavors created by instrumentation and song selection.

We have gone through our “Jazz Bands” page, and “Cocktail Music” has the same pages as previously described, so that leaves us with “String Groups” and “DJ’s”. We can provide you with a DJ for any type of event, and this is clear on our site, with all the different DJ categories under the “DJ’s” tab. Again, you will find descriptions and videos for our DJ’s, as well as their specialties. For “String Groups”, we have a list of our beloved string ensembles (duos, trios and quartets), ranging from acoustic classical to acoustic rock, electric rock with tracks, solo violin with tracks and pop/jazz violin trio, all of which we created in house!

We hope that you found this tutorial helpful and will come to us with your musical needs when you are looking for a Los Angeles dance or party band to hire for your event. Rossi Music has been one of the top music agencies for almost 15 years, creating trends and staying ahead of the curve. To contact us, you will find a contact button on each of our pages that will take you to our “contact” page, with our email and phone information. Or call us now for any questions or a quote at 818-902-1233. Thanks for reading and we look forward to working with you!

Corporate event entertainment bands in Los Angeles – the state of the business

Electric Angels Los Angeles Rock String Quartet

Photo of the Electric Angels Los Angeles Rock String Quartet

The holidays are quickly approaching and it looks like this year will be the first in four years where companies are allowing themselves to spend more money on end of the year parties. This obviously translates to more gigs for Los Angeles corporate event entertainment bands. Live music can be heard a lot more frequently in private events, as DJ’s are being replaced by bands of all styles.

The combination of tracks and live instruments is quickly becoming the hippest new thing in live entertainment for corporate events in Los Angeles. Rossi Music is ahead of the trend and has numerous options that feature this combination, such as solo instruments with tracks, solo instruments with DJ’s, and our featured groups the Electric Angels and the Hollywood Spinners. Whatever your budget, we have an option that’s right for you.

The Electric Angels are a group of cute young girls playing electric string instruments as a trio, quartet, or sextet. They rock to covers of tunes that span from the 50′s to current hits. The Angels play to custom tracks recorded in house. Audiences love the crowd interaction and the energy the girls have in all of their performances. This group has quickly risen to be one of our most popular by far.

The Hollywood Spinners are a band that perform hits of all eras with a live DJ. This combination adds a depth and fullness to the sound not found in any other band around. Guests at your party will dance all night long, guaranteed. Clients who have chosen this band keep asking for it again and again!

For traditional and out of the box ideas for your next corporate event, please visit or call us at (818) 902-1233. We will develop a customized playlist with options that fit your needs. We will work with your budget to create the best choice for you in corporate event entertainment in Los Angeles.

Holiday Event Music for Los Angeles Corporate Party Entertainment

The beginning of September is a great time to start planning for the holidays. Since there are only 4 weeks in the month of December and the last week is too late for company parties, we suggest booking your holiday music early to get the best party entertainment and holiday music for your Los Angeles corporate event. The best bands often book more than 6 months in advance. You should start now and make some decisions about venue, number of guests and type of entertainment appropriate for your employees.

Call Rossi Music for suggestions! We have everything from carolers to 12 piece holiday and top 40 dance bands as well as everything in between. We have a new group that we produced this year called the “Electric Angels.” This group is comprised of 3-6 cute young girls (in red dresses and Santa hats for Christmas) playing traditional and contemporary arrangements of all the popular holiday songs as well as pop rock arrangements of current hits mixed in.

Go to to see all the possibilities for your holiday corporate event party. Holiday music and party entertainment is a specialty of Rossi Music and we can send you a music player of videos of all our holiday bands. Call us now at 818-902-1233 or

Live Music In Los Angeles

These days it is getting harder and harder to find great live music in Los Angeles – in fact it’s getting difficult to find any live music at all in the relaxed atmosphere of a high end lounge or bar.  Too many of them have DJ’s now.  And clubs that offer live music generally have bands that are too often loud, intrusive and unprofessional.  So thank goodness the Hotel Intercontinental in Century City is raising the bar on weeknight entertainment by offering luxury, live music from 6-10pm on Tuesday nights, featuring some of the wonderful smaller, professional live music groups from Rossi Music.  These are the same groups that we offer to our private clients for weddings, corporate events and private soirees.

Intercontinental-Hotel-LoungeThe gorgeous Lobby Lounge offers, in addition to live music, an incredible wine cellar and a bewildering variety of top shelf liquor and liqueurs.  On their live music  in Los Angeles nights they also offer some wonderful light supper and drink pairings to enjoy while listening to live music that is carefully presented so that guests can enjoy the music without it being so intrusive that they cannot have a conversation.

Tuesday nights at the Hotel Intercontinental in Century City, Los Angeles feature Michael Lori_Michael-M_Singer_Guitarist_Duoand Lori – a tasteful top 40 duo of guitarist-singers who play a blend of classic favorites and one-hit-wonders from the 1970’s through to the millennium, artfully re-arranged to suit the atmosphere and tastes of the Tuesday evening guests at the Lobby Lounge.

Tuesday nights also feature a special pairing of handmade tacos and a variety of delicious tequila drinks to enjoy while unwinding from a long day at the office.  So sit back and enjoy great live music, a well-deserved drink and the exceptional quality and service you can always expect at the Hotel Intercontinental in Los Angeles.

Rossi Music provides live music and DJ entertainment for the Hotel Intercontinental Lobby Lounge as part of their larger business of providing entertainment for weddings, corporate events and private events.  Please Contact Rossi Music Los Angeles for more information.


Los Angeles Great Gatsby Themed Events and Bands

great gatsby band los angeles Le Jazz Hot is Rossi Music’s new Great Gatsby, roaring 20’s jazz band.   And this week they played at an outstanding Great Gatsby themed birthday party in West Hollywood.  And what a party it was! They  had the live Great Gatsby band playing inside, where Chuck Alexander Designs created a fabulous speakeasy in the living room.  And then outside on the patio below,  they had a hip DJ playing  the more contemporary hits from the Baz Lhurman’s Great Gatsby soundtrack.  With gorgeous and authentic feathered décor throughout the house,  and many hundreds of silver and black balloons  packing the ceiling,  the atmosphere was incredibly festive.

Waiters dressed in vintage 20’s gear,  with old-fashioned sleeve garters adorning their arms, served trays of champagne to guests who were dressed to the nines in their best Roaring 20’s costumes.  And this was a very good-looking crowd!  Female guests wore fantastically fringed flapper dresses, feather boas, long gloves and vintage hair pieces.  Men walked about in 1920’s suits with straw boaters on their heads and elaborate walking sticks.  Cigarettes were smoked in long cigarette holders, and gloved and  turbaned beauties wandered through the crowd, refilling the champagne glasses for thirsty guests as they danced the Charleston.  Plus, outdoors there was a vintage Rolls Royce parked next to the red carpet leading up the steps and into the house!

A Great Gatsby themed party is a wonderful way to offer your friends and guests the opportunity to dress up and have some real fun.  The whole prohibition-era vibe of the speakeasy makes just getting a drink more special.  Plus there are so many unusual specialty drinks that were created during prohibition,  that a host can offer his guests!

One of the biggest hits of the evening with this crowd, were two big strapping guys – guests, we presumed –  who saw the costume party as an opportunity to really go to town, and so they dressed impeccably in full flapper dresses, complete with fringes, long beaded necklaces,  wigs, turbans and feathers – which looked especially fetching with their beards!

Le Jazz Hot  was the perfect jazzy band for this event.   Vocalist Rebecca Kyler Downs, sings hits from the 20’s like Making Whoopie, Ain’t She Sweet, and Ain’t Misbehavin.  With her long pearls, opera-length black gloves and a feather in her hair, she welcomed guests into the “Speakeasy” with  her melting voice.  She can even sing jazz in French (which was very popular in the 20’s)  The rest of the members of the band all wore vintage slacks with suspenders, sleeve garters and either caps or gangster fedoras.

If you want to have a party that roars, I can’t think of a better, more playful way to do so than with a roaring 20’s theme and a GREAT Great Gatsby Band!  This particular party was a birthday party: one of the most fabulous I’ve seen.  Great Gatsby is also a great theme for a wedding reception, Halloween party or a  New Years Eve celebration.

Call Rossi Music to help you manage your corporate entertainment. We have some of the most award winning musicians and bands in Los Angeles. Go to for more info or call us at 818-902-1233.

Rossi Music cellist Irina Chirkova wows at the 2013 Emmys!




irina-imageFrom all of us at Rossi Music – Congratulations Irina!!

irina chirkova emmy awards 2013

Irina Chirkova performing solo Bach at the Emmy Awards 2013

irina chirkova emmys 2013

Irina Chirkova wowing the audience at the 2013 Emmys

Cellist Irina Chirkova gave a breathtaking performance at the 2013 Emmys at The Nokia theater this past sunday. She was featured first in a quartet with Carrie Underwood, and then again, during the In Memoriam section, where she played Bach exquisitely.

Irina is enormously talented, highly trained and (obviously) quite beautiful, which is why she is a sought after session musician and performer in Los Angeles, and is a core member of two of our popular string groups here at Rossi Music:  The Electric Angels and The Los Angeles String Quartet.

Some of Irina’s past credits include appearances at the Grammy awards, Latin Grammys, BET Awards with P. Diddy, Letterman with Kanye West, Soul Train Awards, American Idol, Glee, and recordings with Godsmack. In addition, she is one of the current cellists in the Celine Dion show in Vegas.

We love you, Irina and are so happy you are part of our team!!

Los Angeles String Quartet Electric Angels

Irina with the Electric Angels Los Angeles String Quartet at a private event in April

Katia Moraes tonight at the Intercontinental Hotel exclusively presented by Rossi Music

brazilian singer los angelesCalled a “virtual definition of the passion that is an implicit part of Brazilian music” by the Los Angeles Times, Rossi Music is proud to present Katia Moraes Tuesdays in September from 6 to 10 at the Hotel Intercontinental. Starting today, the singer will be joined by guitarist Mitchell Long at the IHG in Century City and will sing hits from the five albums she has released. Moraes has lent her voice to the biggest Brazilian acts and has thrilled audiences in the most notable venues in the city for over two decades. She has also been featured in the top festivals in the world. Come experience the entertainer LA Weekly has written “there ain’t a Brazilian singer in town who is as irresistible as Katia Moraes. Crowds go nuts when she performs. The energy, the charisma, the sheer joy of Brazilian music just fills a space.”

Understanding wedding reception band procedures in Los Angeles

wedding reception band los angelesGet more info at Rossi Music at or CALL US NOW at 818-902-1233

Los Angeles wedding reception bands are bands that perform following the cocktail hour music. In order for things to run smoothly, the band needs to get there between half an hour and an hour early to set up equipment and do a quick sound check before guests start coming in. Set up needs to be done 15 minutes prior to downbeat so guests do not walk in during sound check. As the reception room starts filling up, the wedding band music should be at a volume where guests can easily socialize whilst settling into their seats. Next, someone will be in charge of doing the introductions (usually an emcee or the leader of the wedding reception band). If you are unsure of what song to choose for the occasion, you can always ask the leader of the wedding reception band for suggestions. Oftentimes the band has a large repertoire, but sometimes it specializes in specific styles. Check with the band beforehand to make sure they are comfortable playing the songs for what is easily one of the most important parts of the wedding. Another option is having the MC play the selections straight from a record that you think best fits the theme.

Next comes the introduction of the bride and groom. This song is particularly important because it sets the occasion just right. Immediately before the announcement, it is customary for the drummer of the wedding reception band to do a drum roll or something significant that catches the audience’s attention. The MC should then welcome the bride and groom to the dance floor and the crowd will be cheering wildly at that point!

Rossi Music provides all kinds of LA wedding reception band styles: from jazz to pop/rock, dance, top 40, R&B, French lounge music, New Orleans style, and mariachi; whatever style you are looking for, Rossi Music has it.

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