Introducing “The Los Angeles String Quartet”


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A New Contemporary Approach to the “Classic” String Quartet

Early this year, Rossi Music saw the demand rising for more than just the standard classical string quartet for the Los Angeles weddings and corporate events that we book. Young brides and grooms have been requesting their favorite pop songs for their wedding ceremony in record numbers.   So we started to put the word out, looking for talented young female string players interested in playing rock and pop standards in a string quartet format. Meanwhile, we collected arrangements of rock tunes for string trio and quartet to add to our repertoire. In a few weeks, we had a list of the hottest players in town – freelance musicians who actively play in movie scores and on screen in shows such as American Idol, America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and numerous talk shows and primetime television. In April, the Los Angeles Rock String Quartet was formed, rehearsed, video taped, and already performing and trying out the new groups arrangements at wedding ceremonies in the area.

We found arrangements from several prominent Los Angeles composer-arrangers of excellent rocking string trio and quartet arrangements from the 60′s to current pop hits. Songs like “My Sharona”, “I’m Yours” (Jason Mraz), Michael Jackson tunes, Led Zeppelin, Lady Gaga (Poker Face, Papparazzi, Bad Romance), You Belong to Me (Taylor Swift), Beatles, Elton John, Rolling Stones medley, Sting, and many others too numerous to mention. We have already produced several video clips of many of the songs in the Los Angeles String Quartet‘s repertoire that you can view at at

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Rossi Music duo at the Intercontinental Hotel tomorrow!

guitar vocal background music los angelesThis Wednesday September 17, live at The Hotel Intercontinental in Los Angeles – Relax to the music of our favorite Pop Vocal/Guitar Band! Michael and Heather 6pm-10pm

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How to get the right Los Angeles Jazz Band for your party

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People don’t always know what they want when it comes to music selection for their dinner or cocktail party, corporate event, wedding reception, etc. As a reputable music agency that has been in business for almost 15 years, Rossi Music has more than enough experience narrowing down your choices until you have the perfect fit for your gathering. Below is some helpful advice regarding entertainment choice:

- Jazz music is an excellent choice, given that the term jazz expands almost indefinitely. Los Angeles jazz bands are generally duos, trios, or quartets and are comprised of extremely versatile musicians that can play several genres of music. When people think of a jazz band the first thing that comes to mind is usually a jazz quartet which is comprised of trumpet/sax, keyboard, bass, and drums. Trios are most popular as piano, bass, and drums, however if you mainly want the group for soft background music it is highly recommended that you replace the drums with sax or guitar. You can also replace the keyboard with a guitar and have sax, guitar, and bass.

- You might want to incorporate a vocalist on your Los Angeles Jazz band. You have to decide whether you want someone in the style of Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, etc. Every good vocalist is able to adjust their tone to be more in the background or engage the crowd. Keep in mind that, besides the cost of having an extra person in the band, there will probably be an additional fee for a sound system. However, if you want that kind of sound it will definitely be worth it!

- Any reputable Los Angeles Jazz Band has hundreds of classics from the Great American Songbook under their belt. These kinds of tunes are a great backdrop for socializing, networking, and having a good time in any kind of party without distractions. Events that work better with softer music include wedding engagement parties, cocktail parties, wedding reception music, wedding dinners, and corporate events.

- If you want to steer away from the traditional but still remain in jazz, you can go with R&B jazz (like George Benson) or smooth jazz, as these are more contemporary but still low key options. For an older 1920’s acoustic vibe that is very “in” right now, try a gypsy jazz band (in the style of Django Reinhardt) or swing bands. This option sounds great with a violin (think Stephane Grappelli). Still another option is “big band jazz”, made famous by Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, and Duke Ellington, which is ideal for swing dancing and dinner music.

- A traditional Los Angeles Jazz Band, however, is the most versatile option since they can easily start the night with low key instrumentals and then spice it up with latin dance music, swing, or Top 40 Dance music if that’s your top choice. The possibilities are truly limitless with our award-winning musicians!

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Rossi Music duo at the Intercontinental Hotel next Wednesday!

background music los angeles

Next Wednesday September 17, live at The Hotel Intercontinental in Los Angeles – Relax to the music of our favorite Pop Vocal/Guitar Band! Michael and Heather 6pm-10pm

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Take the stress out of planning your Los Angeles wedding and band!

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There’s a lot on your plate when you’re planning a wedding, and it can feel overwhelming, but if you follow the advice written below it will seem a lot less painful! Following is a simple checklist to get you started.

You should begin browsing for an LA photographer, live entertainment, and the dress eight months before. Finding the right fight at the best cost takes time so getting an early start is important. As far as entertainment goes, you have to do it early so that you can allow yourself time to watch them live and finding the right fit for your budget. After this, wedding registries and hotel rooms for guests coming from out of town come next.

Save-the-date cards should be sent out six to seven months prior. This is the time to think about what invitations you want and to start a timeline for your special day. In addition, look at options for florists, getting bridesmaids’ dresses, and choosing a honeymoon destination.

You really feel like it’s getting close when four/five months hit. Now is the time to look for shoes that will make you feel the most comfortable, and take them to dress fittings so that you can find out the right length for your dress. Choose where you want the rehearsal dinner, book a hair and makeup appointment, find a cake, and start selecting tunes. You have to confirm that the band you choose will be able to play your favorite songs. Wouldn’t it be terrible to find out too late that the wedding band for your Los Angeles wedding cannot play your first dance song! Another option is to have a recorded version of some of those songs. This way you take the guesswork out of it and you know exactly what it will sound like.

We’re at three months and this is the time to fine tune your wedding details. Choose readings you want for your ceremony, the dinner menu, flower arrangements, and the ceremony and reception timelines. If you want favors, now is the time to order them. Programs should also be printed and rings should be bought at this time. You should also have your vendors look at a draft of your timeline to have a better idea of what your day will be like.

At two months, finalize your must-have tunes (including what you want played for cocktail hour and dinner), plan bachelor and bachelorette parties, send out invitations if you haven’t done so already, and clarify any questions your vendors may have. Now at a month before, you need to get your marriage license! Invitations for your rehearsal dinner need to be sent out, as well as seating arrangements for dinner, gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, and a last dress fitting. Get a hair cut or color if needed, and finish your vows.

With one week before, your head is probably spinning! Check back with the vendors and confirm they are all set, and write them checks if you haven’t sent them out already. It is ideal to have all that taken care of so you don’t have worry about handing out checks the day of. Get your dress and break your shoes in. It’s a great idea to have a spa treatment the day before your wedding. If you’re on a low budget, Korean spas are a great bang for your buck. Get a mani-pedi the day before as well, and now be ready to have the best day of your life!

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Los Angeles’ best wedding bands

Los Angeles corporate band

The Hollywood Spinners

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Rossi Music has a reputation for offering the very best wedding bands in Los Angeles. The most popular ensembles Hollywood Spinners, Zero Hour, and REM feature talented players and exceptional music for all kinds of gatherings. One of the unique features of these ensembles is, similarly to DJ’s, they keep the beat going, move swiftly from tune to tune and effectively gage the audience. They know when to spice it up and excite the crowd, keep them on the dance floor, and tone it down for slow dances and dinner.

The Hollywood Spinners are a Rossi Music creation; we call it a DJ/Hybrid band because it features a DJ/emcee and thus combines the quality and fullness of recorded tracks with the talent and excitement of live musicians. This is a really budget friendly band since it sounds full even as a 4 piece, and still features 3 singers in that combination, since both our keyboard player and drummer sing.

Zero Hour is a fun band that is suitable for any occasion. With over 300 top 40 hits under their belt, their male vocalist is also an American Idol season four runner up. Another fun fact is three of the band members are from the same family.

REM is our biggest Los Angeles wedding dance cover party band, with 12 singers and instrumentalists. With an extensive song list featuring selections from as early as the 40’s, their list of over 350 tunes has billboard chart hits and one-hit wonders. What really makes this ensemble one of a kind is their original take on world famous music. With four horns and eight singers, the richness in sound is tremendous.

Here are some comments from happy clients we have received over the years:

“Rick, thanks for everything. The band was amazing. Exactly what I wanted. You played every song I like. The band was so classy and elegant. I hope I can have some sort of party again just so I can hire your band. You really made our wedding day complete.” – Tracy & Tom (Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McCotter)

“Your band was a wonderful addition to a very important event for us. Your flexibility in the planning stages, knowledge of how to help us make the most of your services, and wonderful musicians all added up to a terrific experience working together. We look forward to working with you on future events. Sincerely, Nancy Schwab, Starlight Childrens Foundation”

“Thanks for providing such outstanding music and professionalism to my party this past weekend. The music couldn’t have been better and my guests commented on how the jazz ensemble provided such an elegance to the entire event. Bravo for an amazing job done! Fondly, Dina Durrer (The Organizational Diva)”

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Los Angeles latin wedding bands

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If the guests at your LA wedding are an international bunch, look no further than live Latin wedding bands. These bands offer an authentic latin flavor and are high energy the whole night. Not to mention the versatility, as they can mix and match with a DJ, sprinkle in top 40 hits, as well as your latin favorites.

Having a Los Angeles latin wedding band for your ceremony is an excellent and novel idea. The instrumentation is very original compared to a traditional string quartet, and because of this adds the latin flare that will surprise and delight guests. The energy level is toned down for the ceremony but you will not be disappointed with the musical quality.

When you think of latin wedding bands in Los Angeles, think of Brazilian music, Flamenco, Samba, Salsa, and more! Rossi Music latin wedding bands are excellent with top 40 as well. Our bands have a wonderful sound and the musicians are very well trained; there is no doubt your friends and family will be extremely pleased. Make no mistake, they will be dancing all night because you can’t help it when you listen to a great latin band. Not only that, this music appeals to all ages with its unmistakeable flare and high energy. Rossi Music latin wedding bands read the crowd wonderfully and tailors their songs to your beautiful day as the night goes on.

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Rossi Music duo at the Intercontinental Hotel tomorrow!

background music los angelesThis Wednesday September 3, live at The Hotel Intercontinental in Los Angeles – Relax to the music of our favorite Pop Vocal/Guitar Band! Michael and Heather 6pm-10pm

Check out the following player for samples of the music you will be enjoying this week:

Rossi Music at the Intercontinental Hotel tomorrow!

guitar vocal background music los angelesThis Wednesday August 27, live at The Hotel Intercontinental in Los Angeles – Relax to the music of our favorite Pop Vocal/Guitar Band! Michael and Heather 6pm-10pm

Check out the following player for samples of the music you will be enjoying this week:

How to choose the best Los Angeles jazz bands for your event

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When we get calls for Los Angeles jazz bands, clients often need help choosing and need more information. The first thing we do is to hone in on what kind of jazz band is right for the type of event and their musical taste. Jazz bands are widely requested for any kind of private event, parties, corporate dinners, and weddings. For more information about different types of jazz and prominent artists of these styles, keep reading.

“The Great American Songbook” is a term that describes standards of the jazz repertoire which you are probably already familiar with, the classic tunes that performers such as Diana Krall, Michael Buble, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, and the like have recorded. There is “smooth jazz”, which features different instrumentation and is improvised, but other than that it is not considered jazz but leans more towards pop. Popular musicians of this style include George Benson, Grover Washington, and Kenny G. Swing music is the kind of jazz that was prominent during the 30’s-50’s and is made famous by Woody Herman, Duke Ellington, Tommy Dorsey, Count Basie, Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw, and Benny Goodman.

I have just scratched the surface of jazz styles, but for you to have an idea here is a list of more types of jazz music we can offer: ragtime, blues, dixieland, hot jazz, society jazz, jazz swing (or big band music), bebop, cool jazz, hard bop, modal jazz, progressive jazz, third stream, free jazz, bossa nova, latin jazz, cuban latin jazz, fusion jazz, neo classical jazz, afro-cuban jazz, calypso, chamber jazz, continental jazz, ethno jazz, gypsy jazz, jazz blues, jazz funk, jazz rock, r&b jazz, smooth jazz, kansas city jazz, mainstream jazz, neo-bop swing, nu jazz, post bop, soul jazz, straight-ahead jazz, urban jazz, west coast gypsy jazz, etc. Many of these terms are not easily defined.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself in order to narrow down your choices: when you listen to jazz, what do you like about it? Try to define the kind of jazz you most enjoy listening to. Do you prefer Michael Buble or Frank Sinatra? Do you want a Los Angeles jazz band for a featured concert or background music? Would you like your guests to dance or just to listen? You might like listening to Miles Davis, however his career spans many styles, from his early years playing mostly standards to his later cool school, bebop, jazz fusion, or jazz hiphop. When you hear someone saying they want “real jazz”, that often refers to standards from the Great American Songbook of artists such as Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Lester Young, etc. When someone mentions “Frank Sinatra jazz”, they are referring to tunes starting from the Big Band era to 50’s jazz swing.

As shown in this blog, the word “jazz” is practically meaningless given everything that it is associated with. You need to be very clear about what specific type of jazz you are looking for, so that a music agency can find the right musicians and the right jazz band in Los Angeles for this style. We have numerous samples of different jazz bands so that you can familiarize yourself and/or refresh your memory.

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Los Angeles Classical String Trios and Quartets

String quartet Los AngelesFor more information please visit Rossi Music at or CALL US NOW at 818-209-2620

For a touch of elegance, consider having a string trio or quartet perform in your private event located in Orange County or Los Angeles. Classical music is a great addition to art gallery openings, cocktail hour and ceremonies, corporate cocktail and dinner parties, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, and the list goes on. Below is a list of options of the size of the classical ensembles you should consider for your next event.

Solo classical musicians work great as piano, harp or guitar. For a duo, you will want to go with any of the solo instruments plus flute or violin. Trios offer a bigger variety, as you can now add a cello or acoustic bass and combine flute and violin with a cello as well. And quartets are usually all string quartets composed of 2 violins, viola and cello. Another option is the substitution of one of the violins for a flute to form a flute quartet. Classical ensembles are most popular as trios or quartets, but solo or duo options are available for clients most concerned with their budget. And remember, we offer packages that can help you save and our 2 hour minimum guarantees the same ensemble for your ceremony and cocktail hour for one low price.

Other names you can find to describe these groups are chamber ensembles, changer groups, chamber music, classical groups, string ensembles.  We will be happy to send you a player with options of these different ensemble combinations, all tailored to your tastes and your budget. In addition, you can hear some of the most requested pieces for the ceremony and recognize them by name, such as Pachelbel’s Canon in D, Air on a G String by J.S. Bach, Vivaldi Spring (from the Four Seasons), and Handel’s Hornpipe.

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