Introducing “The Los Angeles String Quartet”


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A New Contemporary Approach to the “Classic” String Quartet

Early this year, Rossi Music saw the demand rising for more than just the standard classical string quartet for the Los Angeles weddings and corporate events that we book. Young brides and grooms have been requesting their favorite pop songs for their wedding ceremony in record numbers.   So we started to put the word out, looking for talented young female string players interested in playing rock and pop standards in a string quartet format. Meanwhile, we collected arrangements of rock tunes for string trio and quartet to add to our repertoire. In a few weeks, we had a list of the hottest players in town – freelance musicians who actively play in movie scores and on screen in shows such as American Idol, America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and numerous talk shows and primetime television. In April, the Los Angeles Rock String Quartet was formed, rehearsed, video taped, and already performing and trying out the new groups arrangements at wedding ceremonies in the area.

We found arrangements from several prominent Los Angeles composer-arrangers of excellent rocking string trio and quartet arrangements from the 60′s to current pop hits. Songs like “My Sharona”, “I’m Yours” (Jason Mraz), Michael Jackson tunes, Led Zeppelin, Lady Gaga (Poker Face, Papparazzi, Bad Romance), You Belong to Me (Taylor Swift), Beatles, Elton John, Rolling Stones medley, Sting, and many others too numerous to mention. We have already produced several video clips of many of the songs in the Los Angeles String Quartet‘s repertoire that you can view at at

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Introducing Our New Roaring 20′s Great Gatsby Vintage Jazz Band For Hire

Kick up the energy and fun and let the party begin with jazz music from the roaring 20′s. Swing bands or “gypsy jazz” bands bring the retro acoustic jazz feel that everyone currently wants at their events. The Great Gatsby is a great theme when it comes to these type of occasions. Whether it being a Halloween party, wedding reception, or even a New Years Eve celebration, you just can’t go wrong with the 20′s jazz vibe.
Imagine throwing an event where the guest are wearing vintage 20′s gear (flapper dresses and feather boas, mob suites and gangster fedoras) and having that prohibition-era atmosphere creating an incredible celebration. Definitely an event that none of the guests will ever forget. But no party is complete without the correct music to set the mood. Rossi Music’s new Great Gatsby, roaring 20′s jazz band is the perfect choice when it comes to such an event. These studio professional musicians are versatile and extremely talented and will make you feel and truly believe you are living in the 20′s with their authenticity and knowledge of the sound they are creating.
If you want an unforgettable fun party that brings the Great Gatsby to life, you can’t go wrong with a roaring 20′s band. Make your next event a hit by getting a jazz band to provide the sound that will bring excitement and have everyone enjoying themselves.

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Los Angeles Jazz Bands for Hire for Your Wedding or Event – Some Helpful Tips

Los Angeles Jazz BandsLooking to hire a jazz band for your event or wedding in Los Angeles? With some online searching you should be able to find some of the top Jazz musicians available here in your city. Jazz musicians and bands from all over come to Los Angeles because of all the opportunity available, from studio and film work to weddings, dance parties and corporate events. Hiring a Jazz band from L.A. comes with the advantage that many bands consist of musicians who can cover strict classical repertoire to pop and modern jazz, such as classic and smooth jazz. Having such a versatile group assures that you will not need to hire 3 different ensembles to cover the wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and dance portion of the wedding reception. Hiring one band to play the whole event takes away a huge amount of stress while saving a lot of money.

Even though most weddings in Los Angeles have a DJ, many brides would rather have classical and jazz musicians to play during the ceremony and cocktail hours. Los Angeles musicians are studio level musicians who hold the talent and quality you are looking for to play your wedding. Hiring a jazz band from Los Angeles almost always guarantees you will be getting a band of professional musicians who can do it all while adapting to the size of band you need as well as the budget you can afford.

There are many advantages to hiring a jazz ensemble from Los Angeles for your wedding or event. The cost of a ceremony ensemble is a great example. Most classical groups have a minimum of 750.00 and sometimes can go over a 1200.00. Jazz musicians can cover the classical or pop music you may want for less than half that price for the extra hour. The same band can play jazz and pop music for less than 200.00 extra during the cocktail hour. You can add a singer and keep the atmosphere of loud music without excessive loudness. Lastly, you can hear all your favorite current top 40 and classic rock played from the same musicians for a fraction of what it would cost to hire those musicians separately for each individual portion of the wedding event.

Although there are many choices for entertainment when it comes to a wedding, it is always best to take your time and do some research to find the real talent that your home town holds. Call Rossi Music at 818-209-2620. For a whole list of options you can choose from for entertainment whether you want to hire a jazz band or any party bands for your wedding, corporate event go to:

Hiring a Wedding Music Dance Band in Los Angeles – How the process works!

Los Angeles Cover Bands

Los Angeles Cover Bands

One of our strong points at Rossi Music LA Wedding and Event Dance Bands is helping clients find the right fit when undertaking the task of hiring entertainment for their wedding in Los Angeles,  Santa Barbara or Orange County. Rick Rossi not only manages the business but is one of the top musicians in Los Angeles for all styles of classical music, pop, jazz and studio work. From his vast experience with some of the best in the music industry he is an expert at helping you to figure out which musical group is right for your particular style of event. Whether it be a classical or rock string group, jazz trio, flamenco guitar duo, Bollywood sitar player, or a straight ahead Top 40 dance cover wedding party band.

I’ve been a Rossi Music intern for several months now and I am seeing the behind the scenes complexity of hiring a  Wedding Music Dance Band in Los Angeles such as the “Hollywood Spinners Dance Band”. After discussing music options for a wedding with Rick, I began to realize why his agency has been so successful and why he has such repeat business. He detailed out all of the process that I needed to know about and shed a lot of light on so many aspects of planning a wedding that I hadn’t ever been aware of. It was obvious that he had done this same process over and over for many years with hundreds of wedding clients. He explained things with great clarity insights that only someone who had been in the business for a long time would know.

I had several strong ideas about the kind of instruments for each portion of the wedding – rock/string trio for the ceremony, a jazz quartet for the cocktails and dinner, and a variety wedding band that could play everything from jazz big band standards, to R&B pop from the 80’s to current Top 40 dance band for the reception party afterwards. He not only gave me a lot of good advice on which groups would work best for each portion of the event but also had video clips of each band and gave me all the prices. Don’t worry if you are on a tight budget; his suggestion is getting a band where you can use some of the musicians for ceremony and cocktail hour. Usually a band will not charge a lot extra for that. Take a look at a band’s song list and start choosing ones you think will work for your party. Try to have an unbiased approach, meaning picking songs that will keep the party going as opposed to your favorite tunes.

It was definitely an eye opening experience spending that time with Rick and learning how difficult and how many things a bride and groom have to consider and make good decisions based on all of the various aspects that go into not only getting top shelf musicians but also how to get the most on a limited budget. Call Rick to consult with him and get free advice choosing the best options when you’re ready to hire a wedding music dance band for your Los Angeles wedding. Visit our website for ideas on what kind of dance band appeals to you:

Electric Angels Los Angeles String Quartet double up last Wednesday February 11

Los Angeles String Quartet Electric Angels

Irina with the Electric Angels Los Angeles String Quartet at a private event in April 2013

Our most popular group, LA’s own Electric Angels String Quartet performed at two corporate events last Wednesday, February 11. The quartet was requested twice both at an event for Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills, as well as another corporate event at the LA Live, where the girls performed for an audience of 1300 people! Photos of both events have already been uploaded to the Electric Angels Facebook page. If you haven’t liked our page, please do so by clicking here.

If you are not yet familiar with our band, we are a group of young girls who perform at awards shows and tour with internationally acclaimed artists. Connected wirelessly, each one of us can freely move around and interact with the audience, who really respond positively to the ensemble. Whether it’s singing along or clapping, crowds love our Angels!

We have many outfit options and guarantee one that will match your event. Our standard and most requested option is a short white dress, however red and black are also common choices. We have long black or short black. Occasionally we get asked to wear long white. Recently, our girls performed at an event in Palm Springs and wore trendy outfits with hats that our client loved!

Whatever your style and musical taste, our girls are here to fit your needs. Whether you want us to get on the mic, have dancers for more of a show, or engage with choreography, we promise to deliver! The Electric Angels Los Angeles String Quartet was created less than two years ago and has quickly become Rossi Music’s best selling band of all time!

Please call (818) 209-2620 or visit for ideas for your next event and we will be happy to answer all of your questions and find the right band for you!

An update on Los Angeles corporate event entertainment bands for hire

Electric Angels Los Angeles Rock String Quartet

Photo of the Electric Angels Los Angeles Rock String Quartet

The economy is slowly coming back and companies are now slowly raising their budget for conventions and other events. What this means for Rossi Music is corporate event entertainment bands for hire in Los Angeles are getting more gigs. Replacing DJ’s, live bands of all types are now the norm in private gatherings.

No matter what your budget is, we have options that will suit your needs. As always, Rossi Music is ahead of the curve by creating trend-setting groups. One of the hippest combinations around is the mix of live instruments and tracks. We have two excellent groups that feature this combination; the Hollywood Spinners and the Electric Angels.

The Hollywood Spinners is an extremely versatile dance band that is fluent in all styles of music and features a live DJ. With the custom tracks mixed on the spot, they are able to sound deeper and fuller than larger bands. A success with all of our past clients, this hip band will keep your guests on the dance floor all night. Repeated requests for the Spinners keep coming!

Created only two years ago, our sexy group of girls the Electric Angels perform as a trio, quartet, or sextet. Their cover tunes range from the Beatles to top 40 hits. Also performing with tracks mixed and mastered at Rossi Music, the girls are a hit with any crowd with their intense energy.

For unconventional suggestions for your upcoming event, please call us at (818) 209-2620 or visit Rossi Music @

We have an endless array of ideas that will match your vision. Your Los Angeles corporate event entertainment needs will most certainly be met when you hire Rossi Music!

Los Angeles Jazz Bands for Hire for Corporate Events and Weddings

los angeles jazz bandsThe most frequently hired Los Angeles Jazz Bands for Weddings and Corporate Events have always been our jazz trios and jazz quartets for over 15 years.  The obvious reason for their popularity is simply that when we’re being hired for a corporate event dinner party, the clients are usually not looking for a concert of ripping jazz musicians burning down the house with . Quite the contrary, they are imagining some nice instrumental jazz background music that would create a really nice atmosphere that is pleasant to listen to but not going to compete and overpower normal volume level conversations. 

Our Jazz Bands that clients hire for weddings are extremely versatile and offer an exceptional value to brides that would love to have a more traditional classical style for their wedding ceremony. These are world class A+ studio musicians that can make your guests think that they are listening to strictly classical musicians like it’s the only style of music they play.  Their classical repertoire is vast and special requests are never a problem.

After the ceremony, the flute player pulls out his saxophones and the pianist picks some new sounds on his electric keyboard while the acoustic bass player puts away his bow to get ready to play as a seemingly completely different ensemble for cocktail hour. The group then kicks up the energy and fun and begins to play music from the Roaring 20’s style all the way to contemporary R&B smooth jazz and straight ahead jazz. It’s quite an experience for your guests as they see the complete transformation of the group into the new and contrasting style that’s a refreshing change from the traditional classical sound of the group. Once again, the repertoire for their jazz and pop music is vast and they literally know thousands of well known tunes in the jazz repertoire that add an exciting and festive ambiance to any cocktail hour or dinner hour. 

After dinner hour, it becomes a question of whether you are looking to get your guests dancing or if you’d just like to keep it low key and keep the band playing laid back instrumental jazz songs that keep the party alive and give the right amount of energy to keep your guests sticking around till the very end. If you’re more interested in going into a more contemporary current top 40 and classic rock direction to really put the energy in high gear, this same jazz trio or quartet can easily expand into a full out contemporary dance cover band or if you prefer, a large jazz swing ensemble that can play all the big band hits from the 40’s.  The other choices you have is to go the route of the full on DJ that can play all of your favorite songs and get the crowd in the dancing mood. Also, if you like DJ’s but think it’s a little déclassé then check out our new Los Angeles DJ/Band hybrids; Year after year these bands have been stealing more and more gigs from the DJ’s. and the answer to why that is is because with these new DJ/hybrid bands you can get the best of both worlds: the sonic quality of a great DJ AND the entertainment factor of having live performers. The combination is a knock out that has the added advantage of being the most economical way to hire a live band. Because the DJ is playing a number of tracks, even a little as a four piece band can sound like a 10 piece band. Now that’s savings that everyone can use, which is why they’re so popular. And it all starts with when you hire any of our Los Angeles Jazz Bands For your Corporate Event or Wedding.

Take Your Party to the Next Level


Live Bands to Hire

No matter what kind of party you are hosting, if you want it to be unforgettable, there are a number of things you can do. One-of-a-kind decorations are always welcome, for example, and the right mood lighting is a must. The music selection should match the event, be it Jazz for a classy Sunday evening affair, or a rocking band for a Saturday night blast. Live music simply elevates your party to another level. It gives your guests a human element that they can relate to. You can always have music at the ready – to give the band members a break, but many performers love the spotlight and are happy not to relinquish it (ahem, Kanye at the Grammy’s).

Jazz Band Los Angeles

Take a look at the many bands, artists, and entertainers we have at Rossi Music. We can help propel your party into the upper stratosphere of the party universe, with just the right musical act to woo your guests.

Los Angeles String Quartets rise in popularity for weddings and corporate events

Los Angeles string quartet electric angelsFor more information, visit Rossi Music ( or call us now at 818-209-2620

String Quartets in Los Angeles have quickly become one of the most popular choices for weddings and corporate events. The request for strings has practically doubled in the last few years, and  a lot of that is because of the use of electric violins in bands and for many other group combinations. It is an unconventional choice that is becoming the norm since it can emulate an electric guitar sound very easily, with virtually unlimited options for effects. Not only have string quartets been requested more because of this, the violin as an addition to other ensembles has also been on clients’ minds.

The violin has recently been replacing the saxophone in jazz bands and the trumpet in our ethnic, world music bands. Our all female group “Electric Angels String Quartet” is our best selling group across the board. These girls can walk around freely and play memorized pop and rock music set to background tracks created in house. It’s our easiest sell to date!

Our extensive song list includes medleys and spans from the Beatles and Etta James to current top 40 hits. We are open to requests as well! Just as popular in weddings as corporate events, there is no event these girls do not wow our audiences!

For samples of the Electric Angels and any of our other string groups, please visit our website or call us for ideas and other samples and to generate a quote. Our number is 818-209-2620.

What defines a dance band as the best wedding cover top 40 party band in Los Angeles

Wedding band Los AngelesFor more information, please visit Rossi Music at or call us now at (818) 209-2620

The first quality of an exceptional Los Angeles wedding band is an understanding that their focus is on the newlyweds and their guests being entertained. With this understanding comes an ability to sense the vibe of the room and know when to turn it up for dancing or tone it down for slow dances or when people just need a breather. They know when to select the best playlist for dinner music and how to pump up hit after hit.

Another quality of the most popular wedding ensembles in LA as well as Orange County and Santa Barbara is the versatility of their song list. Weddings are unique events in that the age range and ethnic diversity of the guests is huge. Consequently, there is a need for music starting from the 50’s until top 40 hits. This way, even the grandparents will be on the dance floor! Timeless artists such as Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, and Frank Sinatra are ideal not only for the older generation but also for the bride and groom’s first dance.

It goes without saying that the most recent hits will be an easy sell with the younger crowd. However, a lot of times the bride and groom’s tastes are so far apart there must be a balance. Only the most skilled dance party cover bands in Los Angeles are able to achieve that by bridging the gap between the differing musical tastes of their audience. The band leader, who must also be an experienced emcee, will make announcements and call the appropriate guests to the dance floor, as well as raise or lower the volume at any given time.

We hope you enjoyed our tips and feel confident in selecting the best dance band in Los Angeles for your wedding. Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions, and feel free to take a look at our website for our signature bands and their demos. Visit or call us now at (818) 209-2620

Ingredients for a Truly Remarkable Party

blogsLive Band in Los Angeles

A great party always has the same ingredients. Good music, food, and atmosphere. Getting these three elements to coexist and having people show up is another story altogether. However, here in Los Angeles, people love their live music. There are so many classic music venues here, it is no wonder there are so many good bands. Live music is a great selling point for any party. From rock to jazz, classical to salsa – and everything in between, everyone loves a great live band.

Corporate Event Entertainer

Whether you are hosting a large corporate event or a small party at your place, a live band is a great choice to offer your guests. You can let attendees make requests of the band, and it provides them with a human element that is lost with just any music in the background. If you are considering adding this dynamic element to your next party, visit the live music gurus at Rossi Music, and we’ll see you out on the dance floor!