Introducing “The Los Angeles String Quartet”


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A New Contemporary Approach to the “Classic” String Quartet

Early this year, Rossi Music saw the demand rising for more than just the standard classical string quartet for the Los Angeles weddings and corporate events that we book. Young brides and grooms have been requesting their favorite pop songs for their wedding ceremony in record numbers.   So we started to put the word out, looking for talented young female string players interested in playing rock and pop standards in a string quartet format. Meanwhile, we collected arrangements of rock tunes for string trio and quartet to add to our repertoire. In a few weeks, we had a list of the hottest players in town – freelance musicians who actively play in movie scores and on screen in shows such as American Idol, America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and numerous talk shows and primetime television. In April, the Los Angeles Rock String Quartet was formed, rehearsed, video taped, and already performing and trying out the new groups arrangements at wedding ceremonies in the area.

We found arrangements from several prominent Los Angeles composer-arrangers of excellent rocking string trio and quartet arrangements from the 60′s to current pop hits. Songs like “My Sharona”, “I’m Yours” (Jason Mraz), Michael Jackson tunes, Led Zeppelin, Lady Gaga (Poker Face, Papparazzi, Bad Romance), You Belong to Me (Taylor Swift), Beatles, Elton John, Rolling Stones medley, Sting, and many others too numerous to mention. We have already produced several video clips of many of the songs in the Los Angeles String Quartet‘s repertoire that you can view at at

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Ingredients for a Truly Remarkable Party

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A great party always has the same ingredients. Good music, food, and atmosphere. Getting these three elements to coexist and having people show up is another story altogether. However, here in Los Angeles, people love their live music. There are so many classic music venues here, it is no wonder there are so many good bands. Live music is a great selling point for any party. From rock to jazz, classical to salsa – and everything in between, everyone loves a great live band.

Corporate Event Entertainer

Whether you are hosting a large corporate event or a small party at your place, a live band is a great choice to offer your guests. You can let attendees make requests of the band, and it provides them with a human element that is lost with just any music in the background. If you are considering adding this dynamic element to your next party, visit the live music gurus at Rossi Music, and we’ll see you out on the dance floor!


How to find the ideal background music for your Los Angeles event

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Rossi Music is the leading LA music agency that is also led by musicians. Whether you are looking for a crowd stopping band or low key Los Angeles background entertainment, we are here to meet your needs. We specialize in all kinds of private events, parties, birthdays, anniversaries, memorials, as well as any kind of wedding music, adding class and elegance without overpowering any function.

String groups are one of your best bets as far as instrumental music that will be soft enough for you to talk over. Whether it is a strolling violinist, duo of violin and cello, or a standard string trio or quartet, these groups will perform strictly classical or mix it up with rock and top 40. There is a great size flexibility, and for a fancier option you can add a PA and tracks. This way, you ensure uninterrupted music during breaks. Our string players are all female and have a variety of dress options and colors for you to choose from.

Another popular option is jazz. Our jazz groups are also very versatile and add a great twist to standard rock and pop hits. In addition, the sonic variety is great when you consider the hundreds of sounds a keyboard player has, as well as different sticks for drummers and multiple saxophones for sax players, who can also usually play clarinet and flute as well. Guitar and bass players can add multiple effects to their instrument, and can bring both acoustic and electric options.

If your budget is really tight, a DJ might be the way to go for your background entertainment in Los Angeles. No matter what style or song you are looking for, our DJ’s can find them and ensure that all your song requests are met. In addition, if you need someone to make announcements, our DJ’s are also excellent MC’s. They are trained in coordinating event timelines and creating seamless transitions.

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Tips on how to get the best wedding dance cover bands in Los Angeles

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You need a game plan when trying to find an excellent top 40 cover band for hire for your LA wedding. Although the city of angels is one of the best places in the world for quality talent, you will be lost because of the sheer volume of bands and musicians. To really get the best band for your event, read on for some key suggestions:

1. Get organized – decide how much you are willing to spend for a wedding band. Keep in mind the best groups range anywhere from $3-10k, so trying to get something for less is not a good idea unless you don’t mind having a Craigslist or bar band.

2. Finding a wedding coordinator or music agency is an easier and more reliable, not to mention much less time consuming, way to find a great band. These are professionals whose job is to hire quality talent and answer all your questions. Not to mention, you don’t have to deal with the band directly which leads to a much smoother overall process.

3. Do a basic search for “wedding bands los angeles” online, and be creative with your keywords to get different results. Check out what bands have online as far as media samples (video is always best, and some live footage is very helpful to see how they interact with the audience), reviews, upcoming gigs, bio, etc.

4. Stay away from agencies that have a huge number of bands in their roster. Chances are they’re not a local agency and charge hefty fees for bands they have never even seen live.

5. Ask people who know, especially ones who have gotten married recently. Ask it as a status update on Facebook! Think of the last wedding or private event you attended and if it was a dance cover band in LA you would hire for your own wedding.

6. Get a band’s song list and choose the songs you would specifically like for your occasion. Most bands can learn up to a 2 requests at no extra charge. Make sure your band of choice is ok with this before you hire them and don’t leave your requests for the last minute.

7. Hone in on the musical style you want. Think about your audience and the timeline of your wedding. You should be able to decide from their samples if the band is the right style for your event and crowd. Make sure the band has a leader who is a good emcee – if possible find samples of that as well.

I hope you feel more comfortable diving in! Good luck and have fun! As always, we at Rossi Music are here to answer your questions regarding live entertainment for your Los Angeles event. Visit or call (818) 209-2620.

Spice Up Your Holiday Party with Great Music


Jazz Musicians for Hire

The holiday party or event has to have the essentials. Good food and drink are a must, especially holiday favorites like egg nog and Christmas cookies; and decorations are needed such as garlands, Christmas trees, and poinsettias. No party is complete, however, without great music to set the tone for the night. Whether you have modern DJs spinning tracks, acappella singers getting your guests in the mood, or smooth jazz musicians to add a classy touch, your party can be put on the map with the right music for your audience.

Los Angeles Live Musicians

A long list of TV shows, blockbuster movies, and celebrity events have been privy to the musical selection offered by Rossi Music. We offer a variety of tastes, from blues musicians and disco, to Motown and Spanish guitar – and everything in between. Come take a look at what we have to offer for your party: Rossi Music.


Rossi Music duo at the Intercontinental Hotel tomorrow night!

background music los angeles

This Wednesday December 10, live at The Hotel Intercontinental in Los Angeles – Relax to the music of our favorite Pop Vocal/Guitar Band! Michael and Heather 6pm-10pm

Check out the following player for samples of the music you will be enjoying this week:

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Los Angeles professional wedding bands for hire vs. bar bands

Los Angeles dance party cover band

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Although the local bar band may seem like the perfect choice for your party or wedding, think again. Bar bands sound good at bars, but that is usually the extent of their experience. When it comes to a higher profile event such as corporate, anniversaries, and weddings, the demands and responsibilities are much higher.

All vendors are connected at major events. One member of the band needs to be the designated leader so he can effectively communicate with other vendors and coordinate crucial details with the event planner. A lot of times, the leader needs to also be a successful emcee, announcing toasts, bouquet toss, first dance, grand entrance, etc. In other words, leaders are responsible for keeping the event moving in a timely fashion, responsible for bringing the timeline to life. Flexibility is very important, since the band needs to adequately adjust in case meals are running late or champagne for the toasts. In that sense, the band leader must be a liaison between all the vendors.

Another extremely relevant role the band is in charge of is creating a musical soundtrack for the night. Having the right energy is essential, all while keeping everything together and on time. Professionalism is key, as is being ready to switch gears at any moment to suit the mood. Something as simple as an outfit can make a great difference. The local Friday night band will probably not have matching outfits or even a professional looking outfits, while a professional Los Angeles event band for hire will have 2-3 options that match so you can choose which one fits your occasion best.

Besides experience, education and professionalism, having the right frame of mind is what differentiates a Los Angeles wedding event band for hire from a local bar band. Professional musicians who work for events are trained to provide the best quality entertainment while being flexible and adapting to the client’s needs and being able to switch musical styles in a heartbeat. They have done everything from recording at the best studios for top artists to touring with these big names, playing at TV shows and movies, etc.

In summary, your neighborhood bar band still plays at the bar after all these years for a reason. There is a lot less pressure for this kind of gig, and no requirements to provide insurance, have the appropriate dress code, bringing a professional sound system, and to make several announcements throughout the night. In addition, there is usually no drinking and breaks must be short. Think of it like finding a matching shoe; it may be a nice shoe but somehow it doesn’t fit right. Similarly, the band may work well for another kind of venue or event but may not be appropriate for yours.

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Rossi Music duo at the Intercontinental Hotel tomorrow night!

Hotel Intercontinental Los Angeles Rossi Music event bandThis Wednesday December 3, live at The Hotel Intercontinental in Los Angeles – Relax to the music of our favorite Pop Vocal/Guitar Band! Michael and Heather 6pm-10pm

Check out the following player for samples of the music you will be enjoying this week:

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Best Los Angeles Jazz Musicians for hire

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As the music capital of the world, LA also has undeniably some of the best jazz music groups on the planet. In the 1950’s, some of the finest jazz musicians started relocating to the west coast for better weather and more job opportunities. The big Hollywood studios began offering high paying work that made it worth the move. Long east coast tours and sketchy night clubs were taking a toll on these talented musicians. With changes happening in the music business at the same time, all players had to learn how to adapt to these new conditions.

Examples of big names that moved to LA include Motown funk brothers, Frank Sinatra, Ray Brown, Johnny Hartman, and Louis Prima. After World War II, big bands became too expensive and were replaced by smaller groups. From a 20-25 piece big band, people now mostly wanted 7-10 musicians. Meanwhile, the LA scene was thriving thanks to the movie industry being in full swing. The best work for jazz musicians was now studio work as opposed to jazz clubs and live music. This forced jazz instrumentalists to become more versatile, and as a result only the ones who were capable of playing any style of jazz were keeping all the work.

Los Angeles has gotten more exceptional jazz musicians since other changes such as Hurricane Katrina made it less feasible for local musicians to stay in their home town. Recently, the Thelonius Monk foundation opened its doors in Los Angeles. If you are listening to a soundtrack from a movie, you are probably listening to an LA musicians. Look no further than Los Angeles for the best jazz musicians for hire!

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Rossi Music duo at the Intercontinental Hotel tonight!

background music los angelesThis Wednesday November 26, live at The Hotel Intercontinental in Los Angeles – Relax to the music of our favorite Pop Vocal/Guitar Band! Michael and Heather 6pm-10pm

Check out the following player for samples of the music you will be enjoying this week:

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Creating a Wedding to Remember


Jazz Musicians, Quartets, DJs to make your night grand

The Wedding Day. The day the bride walks down the aisle, is betrothed to her husband, and walks away a new woman, with all her family and loved ones in attendance. It is a day of joy, relief, celebration, and excitement. It is also a special day, a day in which all eyes are fixed upon the blushing bride. Entire television programs focus on the brides, who have spent countless hours in the days and months leading up to this day toiling away, making the tough decisions and putting everything in place. The music sets the tone on this day, whether it is traditional and ceremonious, or raucous and contemporary. Couples can choose to have some smooth jazz in the background, a string quartet to whisk them down the aisle, or a beat-savvy DJ to set the mood after dinner.

The Best Wedding Musicians in Los Angeles

At Rossi Music, we can help you make the right choices musically, and get the best bands, classical or otherwise, to appear at your festivities. To learn more and browse our wedding packages, visit us online: Rossi Music.